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Thread: Dryvit house wash

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    Dryvit house wash

    Hoping you guys can give me some direction on this house wash. I have a job to send a bid out on, first time dealing with Dryvit. Iíve done some research on here, but the question is will a strong SH mix even touch the streaking? Thereís hardly much green algae growth, its mostly black streaking under window frames (oxidation streaks?). What are you guys using to attack that?

    Jake Bryan
    PureWash LLC
    Easton, Maryland

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    Brush on strong bleach.. they may lighten but most likely will not disappear.

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    Thanks Ken. May pass this one by. Not worth all the headache.

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    Instead of passing, Jake give the bid and set expectations. The house will look better, brighter etc. Just let them know that dryvit and stucco absorb the metals runoff and tend to oxidize causing permanentl staining. You will do your best to lighten them, but they probably won't disappear. Then let them decide.

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    Very true. Hopefully at the least I can get the bid for the roof.


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