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Thread: First House Wash Ever - HELP A ROOKIE!

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    First House Wash Ever - HELP A ROOKIE!

    So, I'm obviously still in the learning stage. I did my first house wash yesterday, and probably as most first timers, I had a good time, but also got frustrated as it didn't go as easy or smooth as I thought. I'm posting seeking someone to look over and tell me what I did wrong, I know this is hard without being there in person, but I'll put it in context as clear as possible.

    First, my first house was probably too much for a first job. I bid it at $450. for a house wash and driveway wash. This was a large 2-story stucco home. With a steep angled roof, with a chimney stack as a third floor height, that was black and stained up. Complaints from HOA. So, I needed to get that chimney clean and wash the house and drive.

    I bid at $450, projecting 3.5-4.5 hours. Wrong, it took 8 hours. I was hoping to be able to knock (2) 2-story houses out a day starting out. Is this because I'm still learning or is it still possible?

    Many things I screwed up the first time.

    1. X-Jetting. Never again. Ordering a down stream kit and by-pass kit, right now. Took way too long rolling my cooler around filled with my mix.

    2. I had issues with the gutters. X-jetting them with my mix, (4) gallons 12.5%, (6) gallons water, (32) oz. gain green. Let the solution dwell for 5-10 minutes, rinse. Stains still there? Repeat. Repeat. They would lighten each time, did this multiple times until they were gone. This cost me an additional hour it seems.

    3. Same problem as above with the chimney, except I couldn't hardly reach with the x-jet. It was turning to like mist before it hit the surface. Took 4-5+ applications.

    4. Left on windows too long. They fogged real cloudy. Pain in the but to get clean. Is this due to me using gain and not a professional product?

    Any suggestions, pointers, tips? I really let myself down, because calculating finances, I was hoping I would be able to wash 2 houses a day starting out with my 4 gpm. Then possibly 3 when I up to an 8 gpm machine. Is this not possible or is it just that I'm slow and learning?

    With that said, I'm ordering this downstream injector, j-rod, and by-pass valve quick style.

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    1. The X-Jet is fine to have in your arsenal. Can especially come in handy when washing stucco (true stucco, not Dryvit) and you need a stronger mix. DS'ing is the way to go.
    2. You have to brush gutters with an extension pole. You also need a specialty gutter cleaner. Click the store link and order Gutter Grenade (F-13)
    3. I can't stand the X-Jet because it produces that cloud of doom (chemical mist that can travel far and settle where you don't want it too. Invest in a 12V pump (also available in the store). A good 12V with the right tip will let you shoot a stream of chem 25-30'
    4. The first line of my training manual says: Windows and plants.. keep them wet.

    - Stucco is a completely different beast and requires a little more experience. Cost to customer is usually double as time is often doubled. Add in extra for high, hard-to-reach chimneys. You usually need stronger chems for stucco especially when mold has turned to black.
    - Don't beat yourself up. My crews can do 2-3 stucco house and 5-6 Vinyl houses per day. My first year doing a stucco house took me two days.
    - You aren't going to make much money your first and probably even second year. Keep a part time job and reinvest into the business for better equipment and marketing.
    - You could get faster and do 2 houses per day, but how are you making the phone ring? Do you have a website? A plan and budget for SEO? A budget for advertising? It takes awhile to get rolling.


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