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    New to the forums

    Hello everyone. My name is Trent. I own North West Exteriors located in Greenwood, SC. I'm new to the forum, but not to the business. Even though I'm only a part time business, I've been in the business since 2010. I look forward to learning from all the other members, and I'm always willing to answer questions and share experiences. I've been reading throughout the forum a LOT over the past couple weeks. I've seen some great questions, and some informative answers. I've also seen a lot of negativity, which I despise. Even though we are all competitors in the field, we are also brothers in the business. Comical answers are one thing, but putting someone down that you've never even met shows just how low of a person you are. With that being said, I will never respond to anyone with a degrading comment, but I will give constructive criticism if that's what the situation calls for. I will also not comment to anyone who answers a question that I may have with degrading negativity, though I am open to constructive criticism. Anyway, that's my introduction rant. It's great to be part of the forums, I look forward to learning and sharing with everyone.

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    Hello, Trent, welcome. Some of us are hard on new guy/gals that ask questions a simple search would yield the answer to and have been asked many times. Other than that, we are an amiable bunch. Offdutyfireman is our forum leader and social host so we take his cues. He also prefers to be called The General.


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