Long story short, I'm just starting out. 10 years in the landscaping business, and decided to switch over to pressure washing only when we relocated back to Texas. Moving and starting up cost me way more expenditures than I was expecting. I can't afford to pay the new cost of a hose reel right now, and my x-jet is costing me way to much chemical and profit margin per job. I'm moving around my truck on a constant basis trying to reach areas, and I'm struggling with frustration. Yesterday, my machine did a back flip out of the truck while trying to move it.

With that said, is there anyone that can help out someone in need trying to get started?

I desperately need a 200' hose reel. I don't care about looks, brand, material. As long as it works and doesn't leak, and you can
work with me on price, anything helps.

Also if anyone has an extra j-rod nozzle set for a 4.5 gpm machine.

If anyone has any of these products, please, please, let me know what we can work out.