I wanted to update this thread once again although it seems kind of slow now. I made some more changes to my "newbie" operation, and I like it even more now. I installed a 35 gallon chem tank on the truck. Now I have a 4 gpm machine, (2) GP Hose reels mounted to the bed, 200 foot of hose, by pass kit, and gp high draw kit.

I still found myself using too much elemonator on my house wash mix, so here's what I did to cut down rinse time dramatically.

I found out I actually like the dish soap for a degreaser, seemed to do an excellent job lifting grime out of the driveways. However, it was taking way too long to rinse.

I switched to using a 35 gallon chem tank for house washes, with just enough Elemonator to stick to the wall. Then I got some (5) gallon buckets, that I still use dish soap (degreaser) only for driveways. In my chemical tank, I have no dish soap, and only the suggested amount of Elemonator. My house wash time nearly increased by 30 minutes on one story houses, simply because of rinse time.

I still remember my first day, taking all day to wash a house. Now one story houses are taking less than 2 hours flat with the driveway and sidewalks included and about 2.5 - 3 hours with the 2-story homes.

I also started soaping the house in sections. I soap all the front. Then grab my extension pole brush, scrub the gutters while my mix dwells on the wall. As soon as I'm finishing scrubbing, I start rinsing. Works perfect every time so far.