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Thread: Your "Target Audience"

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    Your "Target Audience"

    I'm still in the beginning stage and just started doing some old fashioned style marketing to get off the ground. Pounding the streets. However, I've had conflicting ideas on which direction to go with my marketing. I do have several ideas, but just being biased on what work I've picked up so far, I've not been able to identify a target audience. Customers have been all over the board in demographics. Anyone kept track of what demographics are spending money in this business, or is that something I'm going to have to trial and error myself?

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    Please explain further this comment......"However, I've had conflicting ideas on which direction to go with my marketing."........When you look for someone to do anything where do "You" go first? When "You" seek knowledge about anything where do you go first?......When you figure out the answer that's where your marketing starts and what all of your other marketing revolves around.
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    I try to target people with two things money and dirty buildings.
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