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Thread: When to use F-10?

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    When to use F-10?

    Hey folks,

    I bought a big assortment of Pressure Tek chemicals a few months bag and have been really impressed. I'm realizing that I'm mostly using a bleach/Elemonator wash or an F18 wash most of the time and I haven't really toyed with F-10 much.

    When is F10 a better option than the other two for removing old graying/mildew/etc?

    In what types of scenarios do you guys use F10 most?



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    New construction , light mold, or mostly just grayed wood.

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    Whats up Ken! Its been a while... I almost forgot what a forum was thanks to FB...

    Having a good year so far?

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    Hey Seth.. Yeah a few of us die hards are still here.

    Great year so far.. lat start but numbers are good.

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    Thanks again Ken!


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