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Thread: Honing my stripping skills and gear

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    Honing my stripping skills and gear

    I've been learning the PT system for the past few months and I only have one bottleneck left in the process.

    I'm applying F18 with a Smith backpack pump sprayer with the foaming nozzle. It works ok, but it's time consuming to actually get good coverage, especially where spindles are involved.

    I'm a paint contractor so this isn't a huge part of my business, but I would like to streamline this process more to save time and get more consistent results.


    -I know a lot of you guys talk about a 12V pump - would you recommend a model you like?

    -I've heard conflicting opinions on whether or not you can effectively downstream stripper. I'd imagine it depends on the level of old finish build, but in this example let's say several coats of Penofin with some mildew mixed in on rough sawn cedar. I've read that Ken applies HD80(I assume with a 12V pump?) and then downstreams RAD (from prosealerstore) to enhance and keep chems wet. For stripping light builds might downstreaming the RAD be sufficient?

    Thanks in advance guys.


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    RAD is a product I developed and sold the company to The Sealer Store. HD80 is a powerful stripper. When needed to remove a solid stain or semi-trans acrylic, you can apply the HD-80 straight with a 12V pump then downstream he Sealer Store's downstreamable stripper over top to keep it wet. (RAD isn't strong enough.. unless Scott relabeled his downstreamer stripper into the Restore-A-Deck line.. that I wouldn't know about)

    In the above menu, Noah you will se a link for "STORE". That is this forum owner's store and has excellent 12V systems as well as a great line of chemicals with explanations.

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    Thanks Ken, I found those pumps and will order one soon.

    Assuming your original blend of RAD is now being offered as Restore-A-Deck, would you agree with the statement on their site that it can effectively strip semi trans stains when downstreamed? I totally hear you on using it in conjunction with HD-80 for tough removal jobs, but I'm wondering if I should just rely on RAD as a way to keep HD-80 wet or if it can hang as a stripper on its own for less demanding tasks.

    Very cool that you're in a place where you're selling chemical blends. Makes me appreciate all your advice even more!


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