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Thread: Sales process for big retailers.

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    Sales process for big retailers.

    Hey guys. I was hoping someone could pm me with some advice on how to close big retail companies such as Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, etc., and how to maximize the quantity of cleaning appointments. I don't need pricing. Just some advice on what has worked in the past. I am having a hard time scheduling appointments with the General Managers mainly because I get forwarded to voicemails or email.

    Also, does anyone pitch shopping cart cleaning and sanitizing as a added service or bundle package? Thanks.
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    I maybe I'm a little "Jaded" here, but for what it's worth here's my opinion.......#1.....They don't care.....#2...RM & DM's bonuses are reduced by extra curricular spending (please see #1) must be done at night....screw that!......#4... Must be the lowest price & you have to throw in the windows...Again Screw That!...#4....Walmart, Lowes & Home Depot sell pressure washers so they're already experts at pressure washing.......Although I'm no expert this has been my experience for the last 15 years in NC.....maybe it's different where you are......there are much easier ways & avenues of making money in exterior cleaning......For me there's very little profit margin chasing this kind of work.......Work smarter not harder.......Just my .02
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    My advice is forget that work. They don't pay squat and when they do it takes 90 days to get your squat.

    I have had many companies call me and offer me that work and when I ask the price it pays I sometimes can't help but to actually laugh in their face over the phone.
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