Sunday morning we started washing an assisted living center. It was about 40 degrees when we started and was using around 120 degree water on the machines. First 3 hours no issues and was flying thru the cleaning process. Then on one of the units, it stopped drawing soap. Yea no big issue, switched out with a new one. Started cleaning again and about 5 min. Later it stopped drawing again. Shut that unit down and flushed out injector hose to injector, attached a new end filter. Checked hose for any holes and none found. Flushed out the NEW injector and checked ball with a pick to make sure it was not stuck. All was ok. Put everything back on and good to go. Washing right along and about 4 min. Later, it stopped drawing again!!!! I go back to truck and pull out another new injector and attach a new hose to the injector. All is good again for about 7 min. And stops drawing again. I'm about to come unglued around this time! I shut that machine down again and went thru everything like before. I even took the 2 new injectors apart and and inspected for anything stopping it up. Both clean and free of any foreign material!! I checked the chemical tank and nothing in it to stop the line or end filter up. Other unit ran the entire time with no issues at all. I was using the same set up I always have with no changes in anything....... 200 foot of hose and 5 1/2 foot of injector hose to tank with a 3/5 gpm high draw fixed injector. I have washed in cold weather many of times with no major issues but can or would hot water cause any uses with the injector drawing???? PHas anyone else ran into a problem like this before????? Had to break out the well trusted XJet to finish up!! Thanks!!