Hope you all are doing well . . . Something is happening with my ds injector that I donít understand. Been washing a lot of vinyl, down streaming simple cherry and 10%. Obviously the last thing Iím doing is rinsing whichever section Iím working on. I should be pulling nothing but water at that time and it certainly seems that thatís the case as things seem to rinse well and I donít smell any chlorine in the air . . . Then, after cleaning up a bit, I always rinse down the inside of my trailer. For this I remove my wand/tips, disconnect my ds injector, and just use the ball valve to give everything a good rinse. Every time, after shooting clean water for 10 seconds or so, all of a sudden its shooting my ds mix. This runs itís course quickly and Iím back to clean water.

My question is, where is that mix coming from? How could there be any mix left anywhere in the line, reel or anywhere else after rinsing a side for five plus minutes?