Built myself a time saver!

I've built myself a remote Injector cutoff box, its a 12v stainless actuated ball valve on a remote, housed in a waterproof electrical junction box, with a 3 way valve to select either SH or Water, to flush the injector after the wash is done.
The purpose of this setup is to allow usage of the soap tips for rinsing at a lower psi without the trip back to the trailer to turn the SH off. Remote has a very good range, I've easily gotten 450' away from the trailer behind a house and it has still worked flawlessly.

My question to you, is this something anyone would be interested in for their own rig?
Price point will be 325.00, & have a 6 month parts, labor & shipping warranty.
I will grab pics and video of how it works and upload them when i get the chance.