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Thread: Warning Labels, Hazmat Labels and MSDS

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    Warning Labels, Hazmat Labels and MSDS

    Hello People, There have been a few "accidents" here locally and luckily they have not been deadly or catastrophic, all due to people not knowing what they were doing and mixing stuff together. I thought I would put this out for the new people and for everyone in general to brush-up on before the holidays to keep them safe and keep them going home at the end of the day.

    1. Read the MSDS that comes with all powders and liquids that you have on your trucks, trailers or at the shop.

    2. Read the warning labels on the containers themselves and know what you should keep on hand in case of an emergency.

    3. Read the HAZMAT Diamond on the side of the containers to see what kind of hazard (if any) like if it is Flammable, Combustible, Oxidizer, Hazardous to skin, Breathing Hazard, etc....

    4. Use the proper PPE for doing the task. Most of the time we should be wearing gloves, respirator, glasses or goggles, rain suit or chemical suit (depending on the chemicals), etc... but too often we are in a hurry to get to the next job or to go home.

    5. Know what you should have with you on your truck, trailer or in the shop in case there is a spill or you get something on you. You should have some baking soda, white vinegar, water, eye wash bottles or portable eye wash, etc.... in case you get chemicals on you or in your eyes. You should know what to do long before you use the chemicals just in case there is an emergency or get something on you.

    This is for everyone because even the guys and ladies that have been around for a while sometimes get complacent and sometimes forget to protect themselves or are in a hurry.

    People, let's take the time to read the labels and warnings so we know what to do in case something happens and we will be prepared. We also need to know what chemicals we are using so we do not mix anything with something that will react and cause a serious or deadly reaction.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

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    Re: Warning Labels, Hazmat Labels and MSDS

    Always keep the MSDS of any chemicals on board when the driver's door pocket... for emergency personnel attending an accident scene...
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    Re: Warning Labels, Hazmat Labels and MSDS

    That is good that you mentioned that Russ. I have friends that haul hazardous chemicals and they tell me that when the State Troopers inspect their trucks or make them go on the scales, the MSDS needs to be within arm's reach or they could get a ticket or warning. The driver's door pocket is a good idea.

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    Re: Warning Labels, Hazmat Labels and MSDS

    Good post chris

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    Re: Warning Labels, Hazmat Labels and MSDS

    We actually have all of our MSDS in a bright yellow binder with MSDS in red on the front. It's pretty important that any emergency personnel be able to readily identify the proper paperwork in the event that YOU (or whomever is the one knowing where the stash is kept) are not in a position to say "hey, the msds is in the side pocket"

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