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Thread: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

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    Re: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

    [quote author=ALL SURFACE link=topic=4681.msg60621#msg60621 date=1211058307]
    Nice pics Thomas. Maybe you should have used stairway to heaven for the audio though. You could have gotten at least 4 more minutes out of that. LOL :thumbsup:

    No that song is perfect. "Death and hatred to mildew"

    Chris, your a certified ass. no two ways about it.
    Jon Chapman
    Pro Pressure Clean and Seal

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    Re: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

    Well give it up Whats the joke!!

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    Re: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

    hang around awhile brother... won't take long till you pick it up

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    Re: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

    [quote author=Peerless link=topic=4681.msg60814#msg60814 date=1211178199]
    Here Chris...

    That last leg you are standing on is starting to look real bad.

    Take some link juice, you need it!

    LOL, just SO everyone KNOWS who you are
    You didn't even HAVE a web site a few years ago.
    You went by THOMAS - Look at the signature, NO WEB SITE
    And, you were using 70 percent CHLORINE too
    You ACTED like you were my friend, until like a dumb azz I shared what pump to use.
    I loaned you tools, air compressor, extension wand, sent you work.
    And you TURNED on me.
    Next thing I knew, my web page titles and text were ripped off, including MY links, links I worked HARD for, until a local knock off artist like you comes along and asks to be added.
    HTF can they say NO, after I paved the way ?
    Then you have the NERVE to come on here, and disrespect me, to QUESTION me, when here you are using 70 percent chlorine just a few years ago ?
    You are one sick Boy Thomas.
    You THINK my "secret" to being highly ranked in web searches is because I teach roof cleaning, and get pleanty of hits, but you are wrong.
    My "secret" is I work my azz off, and have been around a LONG time.
    I dont have instructions to a PVC wand on MY web site like your NEW friend Phelps.
    If ANYONE is looking for web hits, this IS a way to get them.

    The instructions for both Apple Sauce and Cider are on EVERY forum, there for EVERYONE, W/O visiting my web site.
    NOW, perhaps people can SEE just WHERE YOU WERE AT jus a few years ago by reading YOUR thread.
    Like your NEW buddy Phelps sais Thomas
    Game Over :thumbsdown:

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    Re: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

    [quote author=Jon Chapman link=topic=4681.msg60907#msg60907 date=1211240321]
    [quote author=ALL SURFACE link=topic=4681.msg60621#msg60621 date=1211058307]
    Nice pics Thomas. Maybe you should have used stairway to heaven for the audio though. You could have gotten at least 4 more minutes out of that. LOL :thumbsup:

    No that song is perfect. "Death and hatred to mildew"

    Chris, your a certified ass. no two ways about it.
    Well, being called an ass by you is better then what you USED to call me, LOL
    Remember ?
    Chris from Apple is the Anti Christ, isn't that right Jon ?

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    Re: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

    Hey tool,

    I already told ya 'bout 70-80 times now. I'm not "siding" with anybody, but I'm not gonna sit around and waste time on a narcisistic troublemaker either. Your insecurities just keep coming further and further out. Don't keep stirring up trouble online, it's trashy.

    I know when to fish and when to cut bait. You got fished.....then got cut. :thumbsup:
    Don Phelps
    All Seasons Exteriors, Inc.
    Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning
    Orlando, Florida
    (407) 579-4026

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    Re: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

    *deep scary microphone voice* Warning you have entered the Spin Zone*/deep scary microphone voice*

    Well to clarify what our great forum and roof cleaning asset has said...

    First, If you read the thread you will learn I had met a "large" roof cleaning co here locally. These folks
    are the real deal folks and 95% of any of you have never heard of them. They don't troll forums.
    After speaking with the gent I learned he leaves 12% thats 100% solution on roofs. His mix is nothing like
    I have ever seen. He did not share it with me but I saw it in action and let me tell you folks sticky doesn't give it justice.

    So, this brings us to where my great "buddy" Mr Tucker wants you the reader to believe I am leaving a 70% mix on roofs. I will show you where he is applying spin..

    Here I am saying:

    "I'm in the middle of a large condo roof cleaning gig....Is leaving the chloro on
    the roof going to hurt the color/glaze of the tile? I have been rinsing it off for a long time and fighting the huge amount of time and money I must pay my ground man(human $12p/hr water sprinkler)."

    So you can see, I was in the middle of cleaning 200 tile roofs for a HOA. I was not using that strong of a mix and as you just read I was RINSING it off. Here I am again:

    "This boggled my mind but after some research and many many days up on the
    roof rinsing
    I think this may be the ticket. Opine on this for me please:"

    Also you will notice I used the word "if" in the words after.

    Now that you know what is really going on with this thread MR tucker is trying to use to slander me with
    I'll bring a few more things to the light.

    And bet your azz this is slander. Look at the date in that thread...APril of 05. I stopped posting on TGS after
    an arguement years ago. I have not posted one time in years. Chris pulled the thread up in effort to spin it into showing folks I am leaving 70% solution on roofs. No that wasn't an "autopost" either. And I will let you know the company I am refering to makes him and I look like nobodies and he leaves 100% of his 12% on roofs.
    Chris wants you to think that I learned everything I know from him. He tells all of our customers that
    and uses YOU the noobie here looking to learn as sales pitch also claiming he is "nationally known roof teacher". I bet he doesn't know who I have spoken with locally that he "spilled the beans" to before.
    He has told me and I know he has told many others he wants to make it look complicated.

    Now about the pump the keywords and "paving the way" ROTFLMAO!
    This is his goto card when he is in the corner squirming around like a lil rat.
    As you can see in the picture we were on good terms at one point. I was warned and warned by people that know him to STAY AWAY but I am a fair guy and give everybody a clean white sheet (what I want in return)....

    I had an Udor zeta on order
    and Chris insisted I switch to a air dia pump. Chris did not invent the air dia pump FYI.
    If I could go back I would get the Udor as it would fit my needs better. The air dia pump is no doubt a KICK ASS roof cleaning pump but thats about it IMO.

    Keywords LOL he thinks he owns NOn pressure roof cleaning roof cleaning tampa blah blah blah
    How else would YOU market your roof cleaning biz in Tampa lol <---- I just stole them again!!

    The great thing about his latest posting is I don't have to return to TGS to defend myself now!
    What an idiot!

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    Re: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

    HAHA I just went and read the entire thread and found this post I made:

    "It seems to me that it is all about finding the correct strength for the dirt/mold
    you need to remove. Make it strong enough to kill/clean it with one good pass, so nothing runs. I think I may start taking the temp of the tile roofs. The hotter the better. I ran up a ladder on a unit I did about 2 days ago and put my nose
    down close to the tile and it didn't have a strong smell at all. I'm actually using
    stronger chloro but much less! Now I just want it thick..thick like honey."

    Shows you I was using a dynamic mix system then with the strength of my mix. Not the 70% solution Chris wants you to think I was using. 70% was chosen so with the feedback I received I could gage safely how long the bleach decomposes. If I make my data from a solution like 70% then when I use a lower % mix I know the bleach will have decomposed.

    Thank you Chris for showing everybody the lengths I have gone with my roof cleaning service.
    From this thread people can see I take temps of roofs and research research research how and what I want my mix to do. Now do you know why Mr Tucker from Apple Roof Cleaning of Tampa wants you to believe he "Taught" me everything? He knows I know WTF I AM DOING

    Can you imagine the test and data I have learned since then?
    I will tell you BLEACH AND TSP is all you need.

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    Re: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

    Though you learned a LOT from me Thomas, you refuse to acknowledge it.
    But we KNOW the truth.
    You have the BEST Roof Cleaning pump in the world, thanks to my STUPIDIY.
    I SHOULD have let you buy the Udor.

    Thomas, you are a NEWBIE compared to me.
    That is not disrespectful, it is the truth.

    Heck, you were PRESSURE WASHING roofs just a few years ago, LOL
    Now, here you are, trying to FOOL people into thinking YOU are an "expert"
    Thomas, you are a likeable guy, but sometimes your EGO needs it's own ZIP CODE.

    In THIS post, we are gonna SEE your 50/50 "ARMA APPROVED" solution, LOL
    THEN, hold on tight, we are gonna SEE you TELL us HOW "Pressure Washing A Tile Roof is better" and HOW a surface cleaner "don't hurt" a Tile Roof .

    I rest my case

    Read ?


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    May 25th, 04, 01:08 PM


    Awsome site and very informative:]

    I live in Florida and we get many calls to wash these kinds of roofs.
    I have tried both ways of washing them. I have an electric flow pump
    on my trailor and I mix up a 50/50 wash of pool chloro/all purpose and H2O.
    I can project the wash from a ladder or from the ground and cover the roof
    from top to the bottom. With this I have to spend lots of time watering and I run regular garden sprinklers in the spots I feel the plants need the most attention. The roof tiles would have to look brittle and loose for me to use this method. I find on the same job this method yields sub par results and takes 2x as long. You fight rinse marks and some spots just dont come clean.

    If the tiles (which is about 90% of the time) look like they are solid and the roof is safe for pressure washing, I use my surface cleaner. I find this method to be just as safe as I have never had a problem with either methods and extremely faster, yielding an absolute hands down better looking wash. I worked for a roofer when I was in college so I know how to walk and working on the roof comes easy to me. I just washed a four townhome building and it had flat cement sunrise coloerd tiles. I used my surface cleaner and then rinsed it with a light chloro solution. I had one corner tile fall that I told them would possibly fall and I repaired it for them and gave them a replacement tile in case they ever needed it. I wouldnt have even considered chemical washing this and I had zero decolorization on the tiles. The project took me two days by myself and I would say four by chemical wash. Shingle roofs are the only ones I chemical wash. What would some of you all have down with the townhome project? [size=10pt][size=13pt]I dont see why using a surface cleaner harms cement or barrel tile roofs. Older beat upt tiles ya... [/size] [/size]

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    Re: Peerless Roof Cleaning @ Youtube!

    If you guys want to fight, take it off site... I could care less about who learned what from whom

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