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Thread: Logs with fire damage

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    Logs with fire damage

    Hello Everyone
    I have a home owner with a old piece of a log home still standing . it is about the size of a large master bedroom.
    It is all that is left from a once grand home. many many years old. The HO wants me to remove the char from the logs so they can try and rebuild this one area that is still standing. The shar is deep in some areas and smaler in others. Any help would be great. I know I can remove a lot of the damage yet I am sure I will also cause some damage. Is there Chemicals I can use??? Any hints. If it can be done what kind of number are we talking about? sorry no pictures
    Thanks as always
    Bill Regan
    Regan and Son Power Washing
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    Bill Regan
    Regan and Son Power Washing

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    Re: Logs with fire damage

    You should check with Bill at West Coast Restoration.
    Spooner, WI
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    Re: Logs with fire damage

    Thanks John I called Bill at West Coast. He is real gentleman with a great amount of knowledge.
    I learnrd a lot and this will make my decisions a little easier.
    Thanks :thumbsup:
    Bill Regan
    Bill Regan
    Regan and Son Power Washing


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