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    The Bleach Bandit

    Hello Bob, I saw the pics, read the test results and am excited. I am thinking on the tank I will be using. I remember what Apple mentioned in a post in another place about preventing leaks with "The Love" by pulling from the top of the tank. Will the Bleach Bandit be able to pull from the top of a tank, say 30" to 40" tall? I am thinking along the lines of what Chris mentioned about preventing leaks and not having a bulkhead fitting at the bottom the the tank. I do not know much about the Roller Pump and was wondering. This way I would not have to worry about potential leaks at the Bulkhead fitting on the tank. I am even thinking about the room on the trailer. I do not exactly have the room on the trailer for a large chemical tank along with my 325 gallon water tank, but in a few places I could fit a few 55 gallon drums. I am thinking I can just get the full drums or have them filled on the trailer and just fill a small tank from the drums with the roof mix and only mix what I need for that job. I do not do roofs all the time and with my schedule they might be only a few per week until it gets rolling. Anyone do this until they get big-time? Any suggestions or good ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: The Bleach Bandit

    I saw The Bleach Bandit in action today at the NC Round Table and if your gettin one of them your one lucky _____. What you described with the small tanks is exactly what I am doing till I get a little busier.
    I am working with 15 gal tanks. I had one large roof (for me) to do so I had two 15 gallon tanks of 12% and one tank to make the mixture. I would use the pump to fill the mixture tank with 7 gal of love and fill the rest of the way with water and TSP. I had to do this four times but it worked and still made good $$.

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