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Thread: Lost rig to fire

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    Lost rig to fire

    Local pressure washer lost his Rig last week to fire. He had a six year old hot water
    unit with electric hose reels and surflo pumps all wired to the battery. The rig was parked
    outside in his side yard when a neighbor woke him sunday morning. The entire unit was up in flames.
    Between the gas and diesel the flames were hot enough to melt his fiberglass ladders.Two fire trucks were on site but the
    unit was a total lost. He is waiting for the insurance to determine how much $ he will get. An area supply company loaned him a unit and
    he used my surface cleaner this week. After seeing the pics I went in my gurage and unhooked my battery.
    Rodneys ProWash
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    Re: Lost rig to fire

    Oh man, that is terrible! Sad news but I think its great that you helped him out.

    Very good safety lesson....

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    Re: Lost rig to fire

    I don't get it? If nothing was running it should not have effected the battery, right?

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    Re: Lost rig to fire

    Glad to see that you helped him out. :thumbsup:

    I'm also curious as to how the fire don't think there was a possibility of vandalism, do you?
    Mike Whitmer

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    Re: Lost rig to fire

    If the plastic coating was rubbed off the wires they could have shorted out and caused a fire.

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    Re: Lost rig to fire

    Unfortunately a $1.00 worth is fuses could have avoided that.
    Sal Panebianco
    Under Pressure Mobile Power Washing,inc
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    Re: Lost rig to fire

    Spontaneous combustion?

    I have read on these boards where this has happened and some of you have had close calls when you have removed "hot" rags with your equipment and chemicals. I know you guys understand this a lot better than I do.

    Stay safe and hydrated,
    Chuck Prieur
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    Re: Lost rig to fire

    I read somewhere that a MFG. was having trouble with the burner firing up, even when the machine was shut down. Can't remember who or where.
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    Re: Lost rig to fire

    I have two fire extinguishers on my rig. But if I'm asleep, that doesn't help me much.


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